Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about ways in which we can start saving money on electricity.

In this article, we’ve summarised a few electricity saving tips that you can use to help cut down your electricity costs this spring.

How to save electricity in spring

Turn off switches

  • Yes, switching off devices can be annoying and you may think – “Am I actually saving that much electricity?”
  • The answer is yes, if you had to turn off all of the plugs in your home that you are not using, you would save a decent amount of electricity. Every bit counts.

Use fans

  • Although, we might all want to reach for our beloved aircon when the temperatures start to rise, the most energy efficient option would be to use an electric fan.
  • Ceiling fans use much less electricity than an air conditioner, and will save you a great deal on your electricity bill.
  • Zero Tolerance Electrical will gladly assist in the installation or repair of your ceiling fan.

Insulation for the home

  • Good home insulation is just as important in summer as it is in winter.
  • Have ceiling insulation fibre installed to keep your home cool during hot days.
  • Ceiling insulation fibre reduces warm air conduction.

Turn off lights

  • Always turn off lights when leaving a room – except for florescent tube lights, they use more electricity to start up than staying on for an hour.
  • We tend to always forget one or two lights on during the day. You’ll be surprised just how much electricity you can save if you remember to turn these lights off.
  • Connect security lights to a day night switch on their own circuit.
  • During spring and summer, make the most of natural light entering your home, instead of turning on lights.

Use energy efficient light bulbs

  • Replace ‘traditional’ light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, such as LED lights.
  • LED lights have an average lifespan of 3 years compared to traditional halogens that have a lifespan of 1 year.
  • LED lights have a minimum saving of up to 35% on electricity usage per usage.
  • LED lights have become so advanced that a normal 40w LED flood light has the same lumens as a 400w halogen flood light.

Get the AC inspected

  • When using your aircon during hot days, keep all windows closed.
  • Have your aircon inspected to make sure it isn’t leaking.
  • Check your air conditioner filter regularly and clean or replace it when necessary.

Swimming pool energy efficiency

  • Swimming pool pumps use up to 20% of total electricity consumption in the home.
  • If you have a pool and would like to cut down on energy usage, reduce the time interval for running the pump by up to two hours a day.
  • Every week cut back another hour to establish the minimum amount of operating time required to keep your pool clean.
  • Additionally, use a pool cover to help keep your pool clean.
  • If you would like to make sure your pool is not using excess power, contact us.

Install a solar water heater

  • This can save the most electricity of all.
  • A solar water heater can save up to two thirds of water heating costs, when installed with a timer.
  • Additionally, if solar is not an option, try turning your geyser temperature down to save on heating costs.
  • During summer in Cape Town, we should set our geysers to a maximum of 50 degrees. This will give us a comfortable warm water temperature of 45 degrees (which is already way too hot for us to be able to use).
  • Additionally, have a digital timer installed for your geyser. Set the timer to operate for a minimum of 3 hours per day, 1 hour before use and half an hour after.

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