As a homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring that the electrical installations and wiring of your home meet all safety regulations and standards.

Electrical Inspection - electrical compliance certificate

Electrical Certificate of Compliance

In 2009, it became compulsory for all homeowners to be in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC).

An ECOC confirms that all the electrical work and installations completed on your property are safe and meet the regulations required by the South African National Standards.

Additionally, not only does the ECOC confirm that your property’s electrical work is safe and meets national standards, it is also required by home insurance companies.

Selling your Property

Prior to 2009, an ECOC could be transferred without limitation and remained valid indefinitely, unless of course, changes were made to any electrical installations.

Legislation now recognises that when selling your home, an ECOC may not be more than 2 years old and must be renewed after any changes made to electrical installations.

When selling your home, the property conveyancer needs to obtain the ECOC from you before registration takes place. This means that you need hire a certified electrician to inspect your home’s electrical installations, if the ECOC is older than 2 years or if you have made any changes to the electrical installations during the 2 years.

An ECOC that is not older than two years, with no changes made to electrical installations during this time, is freely transferable. Contact us, for all of your ECOC and electrical inspection needs.

What does an ECOC cover?

While an ECOC covers the following:

  • distribution boards,
  • wiring,
  • earthing and bonding of all metal components (include antennae and satellite dishes),
  • wall socket inspections,
  • light switches,
  • and the isolators of fixed appliances

It does not cover fixed appliances themselves, including:

  • geysers,
  • stoves,
  • motors,
  • fans,
  • under-floor heating.

Zero Tolerance Electrical - Electrical Certificate of Compliance Tableview, Cape Town

Zero Tolerance Electrical offers Periodic Electrical Inspection Reports and Electrical Condition Reports to property agencies and homeowners alike.

All electrical inspection and testing work at properties on behalf of landlords or homeowners is carried out by fully qualified electricians.

Furthermore, all property electrical inspection and testing work is fully documented and provides a full and independent report detailing the condition of the property’s electrical installation.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that a valid copy of the certificate is always on hand. And to check credibility of the signed document against the ECB database and request an additional COC inspection after such a COC was issued. Zero Tolerance Electrical will do this free of charge in and around surrounding areas.

In addition, we offer several other electrical services, namely:

  • Air-conditioning wiring,
  • All aspect of electrical maintenance and installations,
  • TV cable wiring,
  • Fixing geysers, pools, spas and spa motors,
  • Fixing Driveway gate motors,
  • Pool Sub Distribution Boards and earth leakage,
  • Installation on LED lighting and energy saving technology,
  • General handy man services,
  • All electrical and electronic appliance repairs,
  • In addition, we will gladly help source any lighting, electrical equipment or appliance at best price available.

For more information about Zero Tolerance Electrical and our services, please contact us.