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In light of the “shocking” news that electricity tariffs were going up last week, we thought we should share a few important energy saving tips to help “lighten up” the country’s mood.

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Tips on how to save electricity:

Have a light bulb moment

  • Invest in energy-saving light bulbs – compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) last up to 8 times longer and use 80% less electricity than the ordinary light bulbs.

Are your outside lights on “currently”?

  • Make sure to use low energy lamps and energy-efficient spotlights for outdoor security lights.
  • Side note: Try not to forget to turn your security lights off during the day, the sun does try its best.

Be a bright spark

  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances or gas appliances - the truth is these appliances may cost a bit more initially but in the long run they will save you thousands on electricity costs.

Turn it up but you never remember to turn it off

  • Install a timer directly onto geyser, this way you can make sure it only operates for only 4 – 6 hours a day, saving yourself easily up to 10 – 15 % on your electrical costs.

Lightning fast showers

  • Ok maybe not lightning fast, but try to take short showers instead of baths and use low-flow showerheads for additional energy savings.

Flip the switch

  • Turn off appliances at the wall switch when they are not being used, appliances continue to use electricity even when they are left on stand-by.
  • Leaving the lights on in a room overnight can waste as much energy as it takes to make 1000 cups of tea.
  • A computer monitor that is left on overnight can use as much energy as making 800 A4 photocopies.

Don’t overload

  • Overloading your fridge with excessive products will lower the quality of your food and will cost you as little or as much as 10-20% more electricity for each extra product.
  • An electric kettle that is overfilled uses as much energy as it takes to run a TV set for 26 hours.

Don’t be a hero don’t go below zero

  • Setting your freezer temperature lower than required wastes as much electricity, as excessively heating.

It’s too hot in here!

  • Naturally, your fridge and your stove should not be neighbours – place your fridge away from your stove and preferably not against an uninsulated wall that faces the sun.

Dinner’s time to shine

  • Take the food you would like for dinner out of the freezer in the morning, defrosting your food in the refrigerator instead of the microwave is more economical, healthier and meat naturally defrosted is more tender than meat defrosted in a microwave.

Clean and bright

  • Buy smart when purchasing a washing machine, a front loader may cost more but it uses less water and costs less to operate.

Zero Tolerance Electrical - Electricians Cape Town

We believe in energy conservation and sustainability.

Please contact us to find out about the various energy saving technologies we stock.