Winter is here, and with it comes our deep craving for hearty soups, pot roasts and the occasional cheeky hot chocolate.

When you think about it, your kitchen is the only place where water, hot surfaces, flexible appliance cables and electricity meet.

With our time in the kitchen (guiltily) increasing, we think it’s the right time to share some of our handy electrician tips for good electrical safety in the kitchen.

House fire - electrical safety tips- electricians Cape Town

Did you know that more than half of all accidental house fires begin in the kitchen? (pause for shock)

Statistics show that the main cause of house fires by electricity is due to people misusing electrical cooking appliances.

Below is a list of a few kitchen safety tips for you to consider.

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Before we begin… Electricity is DANGEROUS!

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We’re here to tell you, you’re not, we’re the professional electrical contractors, and let’s keep it that way.

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Now on to the tips…

Electrical safety tips for the kitchen

  • Remember to turn the power of a wall socket off unless you are using it, and always turn the power off before trying to remove an appliances plug.
  • Never use switches or any electrical appliance when your hands are wet.
  • In order to avoid electricity coming into contact with water always ensure your wall sockets are turned off and are at least (horizontally) an arm’s length away from any water point.
  • If you have appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines that are fitted under your kitchen counters, accessing the wall sockets may be difficult.
  • Ideally, your appliances should be controlled by a switch fuse connection unit fitted above your counter tops where you can easily reach it.
  • Do not leave electrical appliances like dishwashers or washing machines running unattended.
  • Regularly check your tumble dryer for lint build-up blocking ventilation, Lint is highly flammable and has been the cause of many household fires.
  • Refrain from wrapping flexible electrical cables around any equipment while it is still warm.
  • Regularly check whether flexible leads and appliances such as kettles and toasters are in good condition.
  • PLEASE! Do not try to repair an appliance while it is still plugged in.
  • ATTENTION! Under no circumstance, no matter how hungry you are, DO NOT try to get toast that is stuck in your toaster out while it is plugged in - and specifically not with a metal knife!
  • Ensure that your oven and grill are thoroughly cleaned - a build-up of fat and grease is a major cause of household fires.
  • Make sure you haven’t overloaded your plug sockets as this can lead to overloading of the current to breaker in your DB board and will cause it to trip.
  • Avoid leaving or storing objects on top of appliances like your microwave, which can block ventilation.
  • Ensure you have a functional smoke detector in case, for some reason you didn’t read our entire article.

Electricity Saving Tip

  • NB! Florescent lights use more power to switch on than they do being left on for an hour, in order to save electricity, refrain from switching these lights on and off at regular intervals, instead keep these lights on if you are planning on using that room within an hour.
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