Real-time Temperature Sensor and Control Systems are critical to the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Cold Chain, Industrial and Food Industries.

Temperature sensor control system

This month, Zero Tolerance Electrical are proud to announce that we are the accredited installers and sole distributors in Cape Town for Ikhaya Automation Systems’ SubZero.

SubZero - Ikhaya Automation Systems

Ikhaya are leaders in wireless specialist solutions and real-time temperature sensor systems.

Monitor from Remote Location

Their new venture, the SubZero system, enables you to monitor essential temperature variables from a remote location by offering you real–time reporting online. The system is password-protected and secure.

Monitor Entire Fleet

SubZero allows transporters to monitor entire fleets - 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can provide data detailing the date, time and temperature value dating back 12 months.

Cloud Based – Uninterrupted Data Collection

The SubZero system relies on radio frequencies to transmit data to a cloud server.

The data is then sent from the cloud server to you via SMS or email, because this technology utilises radio waves, data collection and storage is uninterrupted and is accessible at any time.

The system is set by predefined conditions to alert you via SMS or email of any deviations in your temperature controlled environment.

Maintains Machine Service Plan

Furthermore, the system enables you to keep track of your refrigerator unit’s service plan, by calculating the number of hours the unit has been running.

Once the pre-set number of hours is reached, the system will also automatically notify you via SMS or email that a service is due.

Improves Profits by Reducing Losses

Moreover, the system allows you to increase your quality control, reduce losses and save capital, while reducing your business’s carbon footprint by moderating energy consumption and loss.

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