Winter is practically upon us and our electricians in Cape Town are starting to feel the cold. So we’ve been brainstorming ways to save electricity this winter, while still avoiding the cold and being earth-friendly at the same time.

The aim of this article is help you save electricity while also being kind to the environment.

Saving electricity in winter - electricians Cape Town

Ways to Save Electricity

Be the Light

As we move into winter, our days are growing shorter and it’s becoming darker outside much earlier. This results in the need to start switching on lights much earlier.

Learning to be more conscious about switching lights off can have a measurable effect on a household’s electricity spend.

One of the first things our electricians suggest is replacing all conventional bulbs with highly efficient LED lighting. *LED bulbs typically require a tenth of the energy needed to power conventional bulbs.

Additionally, it’s important to remember to only keep the lights on in the rooms that you use.

Furthermore, we suggest installing motion sensors that automatically turn lights on upon entry and automatically turn them off once you leave the room.

Insulation = Savings

Insulating your home is a low-cost measure with possibly the biggest impact on reducing your homes energy consumption.

It’s important to have your homes ceiling and general insulation checked to help avoid losing heat through cracks, gaps in windowsills and door frames.

As an additional, homeowners can apply double glazing to windows and sliding doors to help retain heat in winter and deter heat in summer.

Hot Water

Water heating accounts for over half of the average home’s electricity usage and due to regular geysers being inefficient at retaining heat this amounts increases dramatically during winter.

A helpful tip is to insulate exposed hot water pipes to help reduce heat loss, while also turning down your geyser’s maximum temperature to 55 degrees Celsius (from 45 degrees Celsius in summer).

*Have no fear – This temperature still provides enough hot water for your home, while using less energy.

Adding a digital geyser timer and setting it to optimal efficiency may result in a 7 – 10% decrease in electricity usage.

Furthermore, you can cut your home’s electricity costs by about 50% by investing in a heat pump and hot water storage system.

Hot water storage systems use a third of the energy that would be used by a conventional geyser and even if placed outside when placed outside only loses less than 3 degrees Celsius during a 24-hour cycle.

Wiser Heating

Conventional heaters use up a substantial amount of electricity – to save electricity while still saying warm – replace your heaters with wall heaters.

Wall heaters use significantly less electricity while maintaining a comfortable temperature, however, your homes must be properly insulated to experience their full heating potential.

Zero Tolerance Electrical – Your Electricians in Table View, Cape Town

These were just a few helpful tips – as winter approaches we’ll be sharing more useful tips and tricks to help you save electricity.

Additionally, we provide LED lighting installations and stock a wide range of energy saving technology for your home and business.

Please contact us, for more information about our electrical services or energy saving products.

Introducing Armand Steynvaart

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome our newest team member, Armand Steynvaart. We believe with his driven motivation to achieve greatness, Zero Tolerance Electrical will become the industry leader providing our already excellent service to the Western Cape region.

Armand has over 16 years of experience as a millwright, a trade that has given him great electrical and mechanical understanding.

With the addition of our latest team member comes an extensive of our services – taking us one step closer to our goal of becoming a one-stop resource for our clients.

Zero Tolerance Electrical is proud to announce that we are now able to service, repair and maintain aircon units.

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