As the temperature decreases and our need to stay warm increases, we find ourselves spending an awful amount of money on heating systems and overall energy consumption. In this article, our team at Zero Tolerance Electrical will be sharing a few handy tips on how to save electricity this winter.

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How to Save Electricity – a few tips from an electrician in Cape Town

Add light to the subject

If you’re fortunate to live in a north-facing home, this one is for you. Make sure to open curtains and blinds in the morning to let the sun in, close them in the evening for more insulation.

Body warmth and winter cuddles

In the heart of winter, you can’t expect to stay warm if you’re dressed for summer loving.

Instead of automatically reaching for the heater, choose to wear layers of warm clothing, cuddle up with loved ones (and pets) and don’t forget to wear those unattractive slippers of yours.

Heating up without paying up - too much!

If the cuddles and slippers just aren’t enough (they rarely are), we suggest using an energy-efficient 2 kilowatt fan heater, an infrared heater or a gas heater to heat single rooms.

When buying a heater, make sure to look for one that has a thermostat. This way you can monitor the heating temperature and save on consumption.

Keep the heat close and your heater even closer

It's important to remember that it’s actually you that is cold, and not the entire room.

Make sure your heater is close to you so that you are one receiving most of the heat and not the rest of the room.

Another electrical safety / energy saving point to make, is to always unplug your heater when you’re not using it – this will cut electricity costs and at the same time keep your home safe.

Proper home insulation

When a home is well-insulated, it is a lot easier to keep warm in winter (and cool in summer).

Check your home’s insulation to avoid chilly drafts caused by spaces under doors, badly fitted windows or cracks. Thick curtains or heavy blinds help to seal in heat that may be escaping through glass windows.

At least 40 % of a home’s heat is lost through the roof, avoid losing heat and ensure your ceiling is insulated. Effective insulation slows heat transfer and will help you keep your home warmer.

One heater, one room, one love

Although you may need to duck to the loo or fridge every now and again, heating the entire house is unnecessary. Instead of attempting to heat your entire house, focus the heat and energy consumption on the room you are going to spend the most time in.

A lost flame

Calling all fireplace owners!

There is nothing quite like a blazing fire on a cold winters night. Instead of turning on the electrical heater, choose to use your old faithful fireplace to cosy up on a chilly evening.

Bedtime savings

It’s understandable, no one likes getting into a cold bed.

However, to save electricity, substitute your electric blanket for a good old fashioned hot water bottle and an extra blanket.

Alternatively, if you just can’t let go of your electric blanket – switch it on for a few minutes before getting into bed using the highest heat and then turn it off once your bed is warm.

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On the other hand, you can contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in making sure your home and your appliances are energy efficient and are not costing you more electricity than they should.

Furthermore, have a look at ‘Electrical safety tips from an electrician in Cape Town' for more tips on keeping your family safe around electricity.